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unstable install onur: probably easiest to just cp onur: I have to scroll up but yes your advice worked. Thanks reisio, I don't know why but here it's renamed as bash to bash.back onur: which is pretty bad... onur: "rm", "touch", "mv", "mv", etc. reisio, You are the man! It works I love you! :p can I configure ssh client to resolve hostnames before trying to connect? jaceh_, if you're sshing into a local host, it doesn't matter... ok I have ssh server configured on my local machine. I have a hostname (mydomain) when I ssh to mydomain, I want to resolve my domain name to a local ip so that mydomain is resolved to localhost jaceh_, if you're sshing to a remote host, then it's a completely different story. that's not possible. how come? I'm not very good at explaining. a remote machine on the internet cannot do your DNS lookup I don't mean hostnames on the remote machine I mean the hostname that the machine resolves to that's hosted on my local machine I can't find a way to get my local machine to resolve a remote name oh. that i don't know. hi, i would like to reinstall ubuntu 12.10 from scratch. i have a partition on my hard drive (sda1), and i would like to install ubuntu on sda1. do i have to back up my home directory, or will it all be restored upon installation?






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Tomabo MP4 Downloader Pro 3.32.1 With Crack [Latest]
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